Chemistry 627 Theory and Practice of NMR

(This was Chem 545, 542, 625 in previous years.)

NMR is arguably the most powerful analytical tool in modern chemical research. It encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques and information- from counting the number of protons in a molecule to determining 3-D structures and distances.

This class in intended to provide NMR training to all students (both undergraduate and graduate) who expect to use the NMR facility in their research. The class consists of lectures once a week, and individual instrument training. Typically, students require about 20 training sessions to complete training on basic experiments on all three spectrometers.

There is no prerequisite, but 1 semester of physical chemistry is suggested.

All classes will be held in 214A Clark from 1:00- 2:50 pm on Fridays.

18 Jan  no class

25 Jan 
	Class overview
        NMR theory

1 Feb 
	Data Acquisition
		Instrumental parameters
		Instrumental design
	Locking and Shimming

8 Feb 
	Data Processing
              Processing Parameters
        Data "Corrections"
	Solution Experiments
		"Simple 1D"
		Relaxation (T1 and T2)

15 Feb   
	Multi-dimensional experiments
                COSY (Correlated spectroscopy)
	        NOESY (NOE spectroscopy)

22 Feb 
	Introduction to Solid-State NMR
		2D  solids

1 Mar    
	Advanced Topics
	Hints, Problems

8,15,22  Mar 
	No class UNM spring break

29 Mar
5 Apr
        No class unless schedule slips

For more information, contact

Karen Ann Smith, Director
NMR Facility, University of New Mexico
Department of Chemistry
Clark Hall
Albuquerque, NM 87131-1096
505-277-4031 voice, 505-277-2609 fax

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