Since 1982, the NMR spectroscopists in the New Mexico area have been meeting about twice a year. The meetings are always on Saturdays, include talks, posters, lunch, and an after-meeting activity. A complete list of dates and speakers is available.

The Spring, 2018 (number 72) meeting will be Saturday, 5 May, 2018.

This meeting is being hosted by Eiichi Fukushima (AbqMR) and Karen Ann Smith (UNM).

The schedule is not yet finalized, but the speakers are confirmed and a tentative schedule is :

Saturday: 102 SMLC on the UNM Campus

8:30 am Bagels Juice and Coffee (provided by UNM NMR Facility) -- Poster set up

9:00 am Andrew McDowell, NuevoMR, "Shim it yourself! Homebuilt passive and active shims that achieve hi-res in permanent magnets"

10:00 am coffee

10:30 Diana Bernin, Swedish NMR Center, "NMR - a Pasta Screener"

11:30 am Introduction of Vendors --Posters

11:30 am Lunch Lunch will be at our favorite, Slate Street Cafe. hosted by Bruker

2:00 pm Matt Rosen, Martinos Center, Harvard University, "Life at the Bottom: deconstructing MRI at 6.5 mT"

3:00 pm Break --cookies and more posters, general discussion

3:30 pm Daniel Topgaard, Lund University, Sweden, "Solid-state NMR methods for soft matter - from lipid membranes to the living human brain"

Later: Social Event hosted by ABQMR .

Schedule on a separate page, hopefully suitable for printing.

Directions: on a separate page.

Pictures from some meetings.

A list of Albuquerque accomodations

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