University of New Mexico

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


1)   University Users Solution NMR :
          Daytime on the 500: $25.00/hour
          Nighttime on the 500: $15.00/hour
          Daytime on the 300s: $7.00-8.00/hour
          Nighttime on the 300s: $3.50-4.00/hour
          Data station: $1.00/hour

2)   Non-UNM federally funded users:  the above rates plus 50%.

3)   Non-federally funded users: $75/hour for any system at any time. 

4)   All users must provide tubes and solvents.  There is no sample prep area 
     in the lab.

5)   All users must provide liquid nitrogen for low temperature experiments.  Dewars are available.

6)   Solid- state NMR samples are run at hourly rate.  Set-up costs of $50 per run may apply.

7)   In general, access to the lab is severly limited.  UNM personnel may obtain a key once
     trained on the systems.  

8)   Training is scheduled by emailing the facility director. 

9)   Instrument time may be reserved on the forms outside the lab, or by contacting the 
     facility director.

10)  Time reserved may be charged (regardless of use) unless the time is cancelled by 8 am
     the day of scheduled use.

11)  Requests for training or instrument time must be accompanied by a purchase order that we can
     invoice against.

For more information, contact

Karen Ann Smith, Director
NMR Facility, University of New Mexico
Department of Chemistry
Clark Hall
Albuquerque, NM 87131-1096
505-277-4031 voice, 505-277-2609 fax

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