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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Facility Director, Karen Ann Smith

The NMR Facility is one of two research facilities located in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (in the College of Arts and Sciences) at the University of New Mexico.

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Mass Spectrometry

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The Spring, 2020 (number 76) NMR2 meeting will be Saturday, 4 April, 2020. More details can be found at : NMR2 Meeting Announcements

The NMR facility has two multinuclear liquids spectrometers: a Bruker Avance 500 and a Bruker Avance III 300, both standard bore systems. In addition, the facility has a Bruker Avance III 300 wide bore system intended primarily for solid state NMR, but also available for solution experiments. All systems are located in the basement of Clark Hall, room 071.

Avance III Solution 300

We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for awarding us a grant to purchase this system. This spectrometer has both 5 mm and 10 mm H/BB probes, with VT and gradients.

The Avance III Widebore 300

is a solids-primarily instrument. It has VT, a third channel, and 8 probes. The probes are: 7 mm CPMAS, 4 mm CPMAS, 2.5 mm HFX CPMASS, 7 mm CRAMPS, 7 mm triple resonance, a wideline probe with both 5 and 10 mm inserts, and a DOR probe. There is also a 5mm solution H/BB probe with vt and gradients. We are grateful to the National Science Foundation and ARRA for funds to upgrade this system to the configuration shown here.

The Avance 500

is primarily a solution NMR, with VT, a third RF channel, gradients, and 3 solution probes. They are: 5 mm broadband with VT, gradients, and liquid nitrogen cooled electronics; 5 mm inverse triple (proton, phosphorus, broadband) with VT and gradients; and 2.5 mm inverse broadband with VT and gradients.

Chem 627/326 is both a graduate and undergraduate course on NMR. It includes lectures on theory and applications, and individual training on all three NMR spectrometers. Currently offered only in the spring.

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User Training

NMR2 Meeting Announcements

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